Why Steam Cleaning Is Effective and Essential

Why Steam Cleaning Is Effective and Essential

There are many methods to clean your home. Steam cleaning is one such method which not only keeps your carpets, rugs and household free of dirt but also keeps surfaces looking brand new and fresh. Despite Steam Cleaning’s acclaimed effectiveness, not everyone is aware of the practice, let alone how it works and the countless other benefits it brings.

Here’s UltiClean’s guide on everything you need to know about steam cleaning and how effective it can be for your home.

What is Steam Cleaning?

As the name suggests, steam cleaning is the use of steam — vaporized water — to clean surfaces. Also known as hot water extraction, the water is heated to a certain temperature that, when released by the steam cleaning machine, penetrates the surface’s pores, and breaks down dirt in an instant. To complete the process, dirt is then extracted through a vacuum system, leaving only clean surfaces to be found upon your carpets. At Ulticlean, we also apply a protective coating to your carpet for an additional cost upon completion of steam cleaning. This is commonly referred to as “scotchguarding” and is a good practice to protect and maintain the health of your carpet.

Can steam cleaning only be used on carpets and rugs?
It’s not only carpets and rugs that steam cleaners can be used on. Steam cleaning is effective on many other household surfaces such as hardwood floors, cushions, mattresses, stovetops, grills and tubs. This highlights just how versatile steam cleaning can be.

But that doesn’t mean you can clean everything that way. Do not steam clean unsealed, plastic or laminate floors along with water-based paint surfaces, cold windows, unglazed tiles and delicate surfaces or fabrics such as silk.

Why is steam cleaning effective?

Weakens dirt bonds

Unlike other methods of cleaning such as vacuuming, the hot steam weakens the bonds that hold dirt and stains together, making it easier to remove. Because of this, it also helps in completely cleaning each layer of the applied surface such as the deep parts within your carpet for example.

Removes more than dirt

Steam cleaning not only gets rid of dirt but also kills bacteria, germs, mould and dust mites due to its high temperature. This is important these contaminants are undetectable to the naked eye. Failure to handle and eliminate dirt and bacteria in your home not only keeps hazardous pathogens in your home but can also lead to allergies and infections. With dust mites, in particular, a study showed steam cleaning was 5% more effective at killing the pests compared to traditional cleaning practices.


Steam cleaning simply requires heat and water. Chemicals such as shampoos, soaps, detergents or other cleaning products are in no way required. This not only saves money and time but also makes steam cleaning highly environmentally friendly. Although some steam cleaners do use gasoline, as a whole, it is a much safer and green alternative.

Cheaper in the long run

As mentioned, steam cleaning can save money in more ways than one. First and foremost, steam cleaning means you require only water, saving you from the hassle of replacing countless numbers of cleaning products each month. And while buying a premium home steam cleaner might be expensive, they are a long-term purchase and usually last a while. Then again, if you do not believe you can afford it and don’t want totake a risk with a cheap steam cleaner, there’s always the option of booking the service with UltiClean.

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