UltiClean Serves All Your Industrial Steaming Needs

UltiClean Serves All Your Industrial Steaming Needs

Steam cleaning is not only for home or commercial purposes — but it’s also extremely effective for cleaning and maintaining industrial facilities!

Here at UltiClean, we provide industrial steam cleaning services for a range of clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Our Industrial cleaning process — also known as hot water extraction — includes injecting a high-pressurized solution into all affected surfaces, then extract all the harmful contaminants along with the solution using our powerful vacuum system.

Our Industrial process is highly effective! Given how it not only is proven to get rid of dirt in every layer of a surface but also kills bacteria, germs and mould, it’s ideal for carpets, rugs and almost any dirt-prone surfaces. It’s also the perfect cleaning method for
heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and construction.

The industrial sanitation process can be a very tricky and, at some points, dangerous operation. Most industrial machinery is prone to be covered in layers of oil, grease and other contaminants which can be extremely tough to get rid of as they harden over time. Failure to rid your machinery of these contaminants will cause inefficiencies in their operation and can also jeopardize the health and safety of your workers. It is also important to have all industrial machinery cleaned and sanitized for the safety of your workers and your business, and it is important that the job of cleaning any equipment is done right the first time. That is where the industrial steam cleaning team at UltiClean comes into play.

UltiClean’s industrial Steam Cleaning process uses the high temperature of the steam heating tools to break down the bonds that hold unwanted contaminants together, making it a much easier and effective way to clean and remove dirt compared to any amateur cleaning method. And because our cleaning process involves actively melting and removing dirt and any other contaminants, you do not need to worry about the possibility of dirtying up any other parts of your equipment.

Of course, our industrial methods are far different from our regular steam cleaning services for residential treatment. Instead, we implement our more advanced steam cleaning tools on your industrial equipment, tools guaranteed to handle the heavy-duty challenges, tools guaranteed to get the job done right. You can always opt for the option of looking for industrial steam cleaners for sale, but why not let the experts handle it?

UltiClean has always satisfied its customers and we look forward to further adding to that list. If you are interested or would like to know more, feel free to call us at +1 (647) 676-0576 or fill out the form here for a service booking.