UltiClean Offers Commercial Steam Cleaning

UltiClean Offers Commercial Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning is usually associated with the carpets and rugs at home that build up dirt, bacteria and mold over a period of time. However, this method of cleaning also applies to carpets and rugs along with other surfaces such as hardwood floors, vinyl floors, ceramic and porcelain tiles in commercial settings.

Given how there are many more people in these commercial settings such as businesses or offices with high-traffic usage, it’s even more important to have these surfaces regularly taken care of to maintain a clean and professional look as well as maintain a safe workplace. After all, most of the particles embedded in these surfaces are undetectable and can contribute to hazardous pathogens in the office as well as allergies and infections!

That is where UltiClean can help your business out. We provide top-notch commercial steam cleaning services for a number of clients and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Rather than just vacuuming which only partially cleans surfaces, you can opt for steam cleaning, which not only helps make your surfaces look brand new, but also weakens the bonds that hold dirt and stains together. The process works by injecting a high-pressurized solution into the carpet fibres and extracting all the contaminants along with the solution with our powerful vacuum system. Along with the heat of the steam, this not only cleans every layer of the surface but also kills bacteria and dust mites present within the fabric.

At an additional cost, we also provide the application of a special protective coating for your carpet. This process is commonly referred to as “scotchguarding” and is usually applied after a steam-clean to help protect and maintain your carpet’s health. As an additional benefit, the process of commercial steam cleaning is more eco and environmentally-friendly than others since it only uses heat and water with no chemicals. Although some advanced steam cleaners do use gasoline, overall, steam cleaning is an ideal preference for companies whose values are aligned towards protecting the world rather than polluting it.

Ulti Clean has always satisfied its customers both at home and in a commercial setting and we look forward to further adding to that list. If you are interested or would like to know more, feel free to call us at +1 (647) 676-0576 or fill out the form here for a service booking.