Expand Your Car’s Lifetime with UltiClean’s Auto Cleaning Services

Expand Your Car’s Lifetime with UltiClean’s Auto Cleaning Services

No truly clean home could ever be complete without a clean car to go with it. Constantly exposed to the elements, your car is under ever-present threats from paint deterioration, dirt build-up, rust, upholstery damage and so much more. And while an occasional car wash can keep your car in check in the short run, there are cleaning options that not only can provide a higher grade clean than ever before, but help to extend the life of your car as well.

UltiClean does not stop at just home cleaning services but also can offer a wide variety of cleaning services for your car as well. Our group of passionate, highly trained professionals cover a wide array of services including, paint protection, interior cleaning and corrosion protection.

Our superior chemical paint protection technology is guaranteed to maintain your car’s paint job for longer than ever. Acting as an extra protective layer, our highly safe and very effective chemical solution will be applied to the outer surface of your car, and is guaranteed to lower your car’s rate of paint deterioration to almost zero.

When it comes to the interior of your car, UltiClean’s also got you covered! We use a strong and reliable cleaning solution on the entire interior surface of your car. We guarantee the inside of your car will be free from any dirt build-up and will also be protected from stains, now and far into the future. Our formula is non-toxic and effective both for crystal fabric and leather vinyl material.
Finally, UltiClean offers a wide range of corrosion protection services. We use a strong and highly effective protective solution, specifically designed to penetrate into the areas of your vehicle where rust starts and prevents water and oxygen from penetrating into the rust-prone areas of your vehicle for years, thereby restraining the rusting process before it has a chance to get a hold of your vehicle.

Our cleaning services also better protect the outer layers of your car against major changes in temperature. We provide undercoating services as well with our Premium Vulcanized Undercoating/Sound Shield. This is a rust preventative by design but also very durable and flexible rubberized coating that not only insulates your vehicle from the elements of nature but also from the excessive road and engine sound!

It should be clear that the proper care and maintenance of your car is just as important to us as the care of your home. Whatever the problem or concern you have about the life and function of your car, UltiClean will be there to lend the helping hand that you need! Forget being ‘good as new!’, with UltiClean’s auto cleaning, your car will be greater than new! Guaranteed!

If you’re looking for full coverage service, we offer a full detail package, which includes:
-Hand washed bumpers, grill, wheel wells, door jambs, tires and rims-cleaned and dressed
-Shampoo 4 carpet mats, rubber mats cleaned and glazed
-Carpet shampoo. Removal of salt, soil, coffee and most other stains
-Seat shampoo. Removal of salt, soil, coffee and most other stains
-The entire interior of your vehicle is cleaned including dash, vents, console, ashtray, doors, walls, inside and outside of windows
-All vinyl surfaces are cleaned and dressed
-All leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned
-All of those hard to reach spots are cleaned to perfection
-The entire exterior of the vehicle is hand polished

UltiClean has always satisfied its customers and we look forward to further adding to that list. If you are interested or would like to know more, feel free to call us at +1 (647) 676-0576 or fill out the form here for a service booking.