Upholstery Cleaning

UltiClean understands the value of your home and its contents. We specialize in the contemporary cleaning techniques of upholstery cleaning. Our top-shelf, non-toxic cleaning solution will keep your furniture cleaner longer. Upholstery cleaning requires immense care implemented by a skilled and knowledgeable technician. Along with carpets and rugs, we use the same 4-step cleaning technique for upholstery. Our non-toxic cleaning solution is safe for kids and pets and environmentally friendly.

The Process

From synthetics, such as rayon, to naturals, such as linen and cotton, UltiClean Carpet Cleaners can properly clean each type of fabric and weave. We offer a non-toxic cleaning solution for upholstery as we use for carpets. First, we vacuum really well then lightly apply preconditioner on the surface of the upholstery and cushions and/or pillows. Next, we use our steam cleaning machine which disperses hot steam into the fabric in order to deodorize it and extract more debris. This substance is sprayed through a wand that also acts as a vacuum that sucks out all the contaminants in the form of moisture.

Dry Cleaning Alternative

We also offer an alternative, dry method for cleaning upholstery that we use for delicate fabrics and mattresses. This method is used primarily to eliminate dust mites which, although are more common in mattresses, are very common in upholstery as well. Please refer to the mattress page for more information on this method.

Service Booking

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