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Caulking is one of the most crucial materials when it comes to maintaining your bathtub or any other tiled surfaces in your home. It also ensures your bathroom always has that clean and tidy look. However, this protective barrier does not last forever. Initial Bathroom caulking only has an effective life of a couple of years. This primary layer will eventually begin to shrink and dry out, opening the floodgates for water damage and mould buildup to take over your bathroom. Commonly reapplying this material is crucial to maintain your home’s tiled surfaces.
Recaulking tiled surfaces by yourself does not require any specialized skill, however it does require some complex tools and can be incredibly time-consuming for an amateur. Applying the caulk to your tiles improperly can also harm your titled surfaces and leave gaps for bacteria and mould to buildup. Recaulking must be done properly the first time. Thankfully, you can get a full spectrum, professional recaulking treatment from UltiClean!
We have the skills and the tools to properly treat any tiled surface in your home. Our professional crew will strip the old caulk from your tiles, thoroughly clean the affected and surrounding areas and reapply high-grade, long-lasting caulk onto your tiles. We will do this quickly and effectively, all while making your bathtub and/or tiled floors positively shine!
We also can offer inspection and additional cleaning services for any tiled services in your home. We can help inspect your bathroom floors, preventing any major damage or mould buildup before it even happens! UltiClean’s expert staff and top-of-the-line cleaning equipment can make sure your bathroom is protected from mould, grime and excess dirt for eons to come.

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