Nobody Sleeps Alone

Millions of microscopic dust mites live inside your mattresses, upholstery & carpets. Mattresses are the most occupied living space with a life span of 15-20 years. We spend 8 hours a day sleeping on our mattress, and that means 1/3rd of our lives are exposed to the mites and bacteria in our mattresses. All these mites are triggers for asthma and allergies, meaning a periodic mattress sanitizing is crucial to avoid such reactions. No matter how new the mattress is, it will still contain dust mites. The only thing that varies among mattresses is the level of contamination of mites.

The Process

The process of cleaning a mattress is very quick and simple with minimal equipment and proper technique. UltiClean has developed and utilizes a simple, innovative process that will leave your mattress free of dust mites and looking brand new within 15 minutes. We eliminate any spots or stains that are noticeable on the mattress using proper non-toxic chemicals. Once those are gone, we can complete a sanitation process.


Service Booking

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