How it works

Whether your home or work environment is suffering from odours caused by mildew, tobacco smoke or pet urine, or whether you have a contaminated property due to fire or flooding and bacterial accumulation, our experts at Ulticlean will use the fastest and safest techniques of deodorizing and disinfecting your environment. Mildew from water damage and pet urine can not only deteriorate carpet and upholstery fabrics, but it can cause a musty odour that lingers indefinitely making life quite uncomfortable. Our Ulticlean specialists work fast to restore your place efficiently eliminating bacteria and odours using environmentally friendly disinfectants and deodorizers that quickly evaporate leaving your place smelling of fresh and clean air.

Safe for the environment

There is another misconception that steam cleaning is not environmentally friendly. Even though the process isnt entirely “green” because the machine runs on gasoline, the chemicals that are available to professionals are. Carpet cleaning manufacturers make several products for professionals that are Eco-friendly, and affective.

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